·         Soil on your lot tested by a licensed geotechnical engineer

·         Foundation plan designed and prepared by a licensed structural engineer

·         Inspected and certified by the design engineer


The Franklin Homes Difference

Because your foundation is one of the most important structural elements of your new home, we know you will appreciate our attention to these quality standards. We will not build a home on any lot until a geotechnical engineer has tested the soil and a licensed structural engineer has designed your foundation based on these tests. 




·         Exterior walls #2 SPF 2x6 studs on 16” center.

·         Bolted exterior sole plates.

·         Dow blue-seal under all exterior sole plates

·         Interior walls #2 SPF 2x4 studs on 16” center

·         TimberStrand LSL® headers for all interior and exterior doors

·         Exterior wrapped with Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and PermaPro  House Wrap.

·         Second floors; Silent Floor® system using TJI® Joists decked with ¾” tongue and groove OSB

·         Rafters and Ceiling joist – 2x6 or better (except for trusses) on 19 ¼” centers.


The Franklin Homes Difference

While many homebuilders frame with 2x4 exterior walls, Franklin Homes being a
Custom Green Builder frames with 2x6 exterior walls to allow for additional insulation (R-23) and makes a more structurally sound home. Using engineered headers above all openings virtually eliminates all cracking associated with standard headers.


Many homebuilders cut costs by using 2x10 or 2x12 lumber instead of engineered flooring systems. While using this material may save money, lumber on Texas construction sites is exposed to many environmental factors and may warp, curl or bow. The
engineered flooring system used by Franklin Homes enables the flooring system to carry large loads over long spans without
sagging or losing their connection to the Oriented Strand Board.   Because TJI®
joists are engineered to provide strength and
consistency; these joists are a key part of making a high-performance floor. Their dimensional stability helps them resist the
warping, twisting, and shrinking that can lead to squeaky floors.


We do not wrap our homes with Styrofoam. While using Styrofoam is common with many other homebuilders, it does not offer
structural support. Also, while some homebuilders may use structural sheathing on corners for bracing, they typically do not wrap the entire house with sheathing. The studs are only part of what makes the frame of your home strong; Oriented Strand Board wrapped completely around the entire house provides additional strength.  And to ensure there is a continues moisture barrier and air tight seal of the structure we wrap your entire home with PermaPro





·         30-year GAFELKPrestique, Composition Shingle

o    High Definition

o    Class A Rating,

·         Continuous Ridge Vents

·         PermaFelt Synthetic Roofing Felt


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The Franklin Homes Difference

Unlike many other homebuilders who staple shingles to save money and time, our construction method of nailing shingles provides greater strength and allows the shingles to withstand higher winds. This installation, combined with the 30-Year Rated GAFELK
High Definition shingles, will complement your home’s exterior. Shingle selection is one of the best ways to improve the visual appeal and market value of your home. After all, up to 40% of your home’s exterior may show as roofing; so your choice of shingles is no small detail. GAFELK  shingles are designed to stand up to the elements, year after year. Because they have earned a UL® listing for wind resistance for up to 80 mph and a Class “A” fire rating, they offer excellent protection against wind and fire damage. Unlike other homebuilders who install turbine vents for attic ventilation we install a continuous ridge vent which provides a more complete attic ventilation; keeping your attic cooler, reducing your energy costs and maintaining a much more pleasing appearance.




·         HardiePlank® Lap Siding

·         HardiePanel® Vertical Siding

·         HardieTrim® Boards and Fascia Boards

·         HardieSoffit® Panels

·         50-year warranty.

The Franklin Homes Difference

While other homebuilders may offer fiber-cement siding, we go further by providing this product on all of the home’s exterior areas, where ever possible. Fiber-cement exterior siding is a durable, attractive alternative to traditional wood composite, cedar, vinyl, brick or stucco sidings.
The installation method on the corners, window frames and doors also creates smaller caulk lines, resulting in less maintenance and better energy efficiency. With the look and warmth of natural wood, fiber-cement siding resists damage from extended exposure to humidity, rain, salt air and termites. It is non-combustible with a Class “A” fire rating. This superior product, along with the construction methods used by Franklin Homes will provide you with a beautiful home that requires less maintenance over time. 




·         14-SEER Carrier® Heat Pump with Puron® refrigerant

·         R-8 Flex Ducts


The Franklin Homes Difference

Most homebuilders install A/C units with R-6 flex ducts; As a GREEN BUILDER Franklin Homes installs heat pumps with
R-8 flex ducts to provide better energy efficiency in order to help reduce your energy costs year after year.




·         Copper Wiring

·         200 amp Breaker Box

·         Hard Wired Smoke Detectors with battery backup

The Franklin Homes Difference

A common practice in the homebuilding industry is to provide 150 amp service; Franklin Homes provides you with a minimum of 200 amp service in your new home. Because retrofitting each room of your home at a later date can be expensive and time-consuming, we feel it is best to anticipate your future needs by providing expansion capacity from the beginning. For example, when adding additional amenities to a home, such as a pool or workshop, you will need to build additional service. In most cases, our 200 amp service will allow you to add a future amenity without the additional expense of other lines, another breaker box, permits and an electrician. This, coupled with the quality of copper wiring, will offer added lasting value over the life of your new home.




·         InsulSafe®SF Fiber Glass Blowing Insulation

o    R-23 in exterior walls

o    R-38 in the ceilings

·         TechShield® Solar Sheathing (radiant barrier)

o   Adds an R-12 to the attic

·         ½” Sheetrock installed with nails and screws

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The Franklin Homes Difference

Most homebuilders offer R-13 in the exterior walls and R-30 in the ceiling.  But at Franklin Homes, we go even further by utilizing more insulation in both the walls and the ceilings and installing solar sheathing on the roof to reach an R-50 in the attic.   Most homebuilders use only nails to install sheetrock. Franklin Homes also uses screws to provide greater strength, requiring less maintenance and reducing the chance of the sheetrock cracks and nail pop outs.




·         Silver Line® Vinyl Windows with:

o    Double pane LoE2 glass and filled with Argon Gas

o    Beveled frames

o    Tilt sash for easy cleaning

o    Available in two colors white or taupe

·         Tempered Glass where required by code

·         Fiberglass Exterior Doors


The Franklin Homes Difference

Franklin Homes recognizes that energy performance is very important to you. Therefore, we offer some of the finest Vinyl LoE2, Energy Star ® rated windows on the market which exceed most local energy code requirements. The tilt sash feature makes for easy cleaning from inside your home. These windows are sure to give your home great curb appeal for years to come.


Most homebuilders may use exterior doors made of wood or metal that can warp, rot or rust out within 5 to 7 years.  Our fiberglass doors resist denting and scratching, they will not rot or rust and they can be stained or painted.





·         Viega FostaPEX™ High Density Cross-linked Polyethlene (PEX)

o    In the foundation and in the walls

·         PVC Drain Lines

·         Icemaker Line

·         2 Exterior Hose Bibs (faucets)

·         50 Gallon Water Heaters

·         Soaker Tubs with shower head

·         8” Deep Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks


The Franklin Homes Difference

Most builders use copper tubing for water lines in foundations.  PEX type of pipe provides a more energy efficient delivery of heated water, reduces water hammers (banging pipes) and resists chlorine.



Franklin Homes goes the extra distance to ensure you have a high quality, GREEN BUILT home!


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